Early on in my training as physiotherapist I noticed my fascination with osteopathy. As a result, I soon began – after various other further trainings – my five-year-long formation as an osteopath at the Berlin School of Osteopathy. I successfully completed my training as Osteopath BAO at the Federal Working Group for Osteopathy (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteopathie, BAO). I have not lost the excitement for my profession, which is clearly reflected in my therapy methods as well as the ambience I have created in my practice.

After the birth of my second child, I also completed training as an alternative practitioner (Heilpraktiker). This allows my patients, where applicable, to settle my services according to the table of fees of alternative practitioners (Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker, GebüH) with their insurance provider.

Continuous education, including in interdisciplinary medical fields, keeps me at the forefront of medical research and development and permanently broadens my horizon.